Vinyl cutting gives us the ability to design vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics that can be applied to any smooth surface and, given the correct choice of vinyl, will withstand years of outdoor exposure.
You provide the font/ idea and required colour code, and we in turn will supply the completed artwork for approval prior to cutting.
3D Unleashed provides a cost effective DIY application solution for customers on a budget.


Some of the most common applications are vehicle graphics, vinyl signs and banners, but with such a versatile material and the ability to cut any shape imaginable, the possibilities and applications are endless.

  • Posters and billboards: A simple way to capture a customer or client’s interest, posters and billboards made with vinyl can outlast standard paper designs and can be plastered on several types of buildings and smooth interfaces.
  • Large outdoor banners: Ideal for company logos or highlighting a special event, banners made out of vinyl stand out from other types of signage and can also be weatherproofed to last longer in inclement weather. High quality Vinyl is available that is guaranteed to last up to 7 years outdoors.


  • Indoor banners and signs: They are a valuable addition to trade-show booths, exhibits or even a company showroom.
  • Vinyl lettering for decals: Sticking decals on boards, windows, cars or trucks is a quick and efficient way to develop an advertising outlet.
  • Lettering and decals for window advertising in store fronts: These are an easy way to grab your customer’s attention
  • Home décor – using vinyl lettering for interior walls has become popular. It is designed to last and can be easily removed and changed without damaging the paint. They are simple to apply and add a personal touch to any room. Some uses include custom bedroom murals, kitchen cabinet embellishments and “wall quotes” for any room.
  • Window Frosting for Homes and businesses by means of frosted vinyl, as alternative to sandblasting. 



The Production of vinyl decals starts with large rolls of 600mm wide vinyl sheet. Vinyl is fed through a plotter or large-format printer/cutter which prints the desired image and cuts out the desired shapes. Designs are typically created using CorelDraw and sent to the machine electronically. After the patterns are cut, excess vinyl on the sheet is removed in a process called weeding. Finally, application tape can be applied to the top of the vinyl design allowing easy application of multiple letters and shapes.

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