3D Unleashed stocks a limited range of Slide Products for plastics processing, injection moulding, metalworking and general industry.

Slide PDQ Purging Compound

P.D.Q. let’s you purge quickly, easily and safely, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional purges for injection, extrusion or blow moulding. It is the no-soak, no-mess, easy-to-store purge solution.

P.D.Q. works with the carrier resin to remove all thermoplastics, and is effective for resin-to-resin and colour-to-colour changes. It requires no soaking, maximizing production up-time and eliminates the need to keep “cracked acrylic” purging resin inventory. Its unique self-measuring bottle “meters out” just the right amount of concentrate, eliminating waste.

P.D.Q. is heat stable, non-flammable, non-toxic and almost odourless.

  • Concentrated liquid purging compound

  • Water-based additive

Slide Resin Remover

Resin Remover’s powerful solvents remove resin build-up without needing to remove the mould, minimizing downtime and maximizing production. Resin Remover will remove, strip and/or aid in the removal of many resinous plastics.

  • Non- chlorinated solvents

  • Highly effective to unclog mould vents

  • Removes resin build-up from polyacetals, PVC, urethanes and flame-retardant mould deposits
  • Removes most colour deposits



Slide Mould Shield Dry Rust Preventive

Mould Shield has a unique, extra-dry spray package, which delivers a dry, non-penetrating mist into ejector pin holes, slides, cams and other moving mould parts. This special dry mist prevents marking of plastic parts when moulds are put back in service.

  • Non-chlorinated solvents

  • New ultra-dry formula

  • 2-year protection under normal indoor storage conditions

  • Non-penetrating

  • Will not bleed out and mark parts

  • Neutralizes fingerprints

  • Non-silicone, non-wax formulation

  • Self-cleaning in start-up

  • Seals out condensation

  • Reviewed and Approved for use in medical applications



Slide Pure Eze Mould Release

Pure Eze is a white, oil-based, food-approved release ideal for medical and food applications. Use Pure Eze with all thermoplastic resins, polyolefins, polycarbonates, rubber and some epoxies. It is colourless, odourless, and tasteless and will not change colour over time.

  • Non-chlorinated solvents

  • Food-approved lubricant

  • Neutral white oil-based release

  • Won’t change colour or turn rancid

  • Paintable, non-silicone based

  • An excellent all-purpose release